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I cook from the heart following my mexican roots!


Ana’s Mexican Roots is food prepared with love and the freshest local ingredients.

Ana’s dishes are inspired by her Mexican roots. It’s comfort food with a spicy twist!


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Chilaquiles lunch on Sundays!


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Ana's Roots

Food played a very important role in my life as I grew up in Mexico. My brother and I would enjoy catching fish and crabs at the beach, to then have a spontaneous dinner with large groups of people. Unannounced guests are always welcome in Mexico!

I also loved to go to the market with my grandmother. She had the sharpest eye to choose ingredients, she was a natural. Vendors at the marketplace treated her like a royal, offering her only their very best products. The senses of smell and taste are a very powerful instant trip to memory lane.


With a tip of homemade salsa, I get transported to my grandfather’s comal, where he used to roast at 6am all the chillies to cook our family dinner.



Cooking for other people to make them feel good is my biggest reward. I love making people happy and bring them together with my food. The best conversations always have place at the table and sobremesas: food is the way to the heart! I enjoy creating, buying and preparing food. I can cook at my own kitchen in Amsterdam, at a restaurant kitchen, any professional kitchen, or a company canteen…even outdoors.


When I cook I’m often inspired by fresh local products and my Mexican roots. However, I also love to cook other types of dishes or mixing different cuisine styles.


One thing is for sure; everything from Ana’s Mexican Roots is homemade with great sazón.

"Did you know that traditional Mexican cuisine has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO? Many people only know the American version of tacos or nachos todos, but the Mexican cuisine is enormously rich in taste and variety. I would like to introduce you to the delicious flavors and scents that colored my childhood and brought me together with special people "


Different people take different lunch options. Eating a sandwich behind the computer is one…

but that will never beat the inspiration and energy that a great warm lunch gives you to continue working.


Ana’s Mexican Roots offers the perfect office lunch catering. Apart from giving an opportunity to share and socialize with colleagues, lunch also boosts the energy and good spirits to go ahead with the work day.


Preparing and serving lunch can be a hassle. Your office has no kitchen? No problem! We’ll take care of your tasty, healthy and fresh office team lunch. We look after your team’s dietary requirements (cravings also!) and consider allergies, treats, special wishes or needs; such as vegetarian, vegan, organic, gluten-free meals.


We deliver delicious, fresh, healthy and assorted warm lunches at your office. If desired, we can also cater for cutlery, plates/bowls, serving and clearing the place for an additional cost.

Office manager?


Also consider catering for:

• Company meetings

• Staff daily lunch (buffet or individual)

• Customer’s/Client’s lunch

• Company party/event

*You will never find this comfort food with a spicy twist anywhere else. Only available from Ana’s Mexican Roots, homemade with love and passion with fresh ingredients and Ana’s gifted sazón.


* Preparing a lovely meal for a large group of people is a lot of work, starting by inventing the dishes and purchasing the products. Ana can do that for you so that you can enjoy with your guests and forget the hassle.


* Ana can bring the food ready to serve or to cook at your place, provide with all the full service and can even bring crockery and cutlery if you wish Anna to set your table.

* Ana Provides lunch or dinner for 10 friends just as easily as a buffet for 100 colleagues.


* Ana gets the food ready to enjoy at your place, event location or office and lets you know exactly what you need to do to eat it fresh and delicious.


* I-get happy from providing tasty snacks for a nice gathering, but also from giving a traditional Mexican workshop or preparing a dinner for a company party.


*All of Ana’s services can be adapted to your needs and wishes. If you want something special, need us to look after allergies, have a certain budget or require something specific like a fully vegetarian catering; contact us and Ana’s will provide.

The extra chili pepper in

Ana’s Mexican Roots catering:

ana's kitchen at home or at work

" We ordered Ana’s food for an special occasion and it was great experience. The ingredients are fresh and the meal was delicious. Ana cooks with her soul and you can really tell she loves doing it. Can’t recommend her enough"

P. Sanchis


"Ana creates magic with her hands, her food is delicious, a perfect balance of taste, fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation. I have tried Ana’s food many times and every time I am pleasantly impressed. She provides a reliable service, on time, and professional. She is also a great person easy to communicate & super friendly"

R. Martinez